Its Extremely Easy to Enjoy “Ease-Up” – On the Fly EP




Have you ever heard a song for the 1st time and just paused? A physical pause, not to be confused with the type of pause millions of teenage boys did while watching Basic Instinct. Well, it’s a great feeling. It happened to me in May on a hot, very Corona filled afternoon. I was relaxing on my porch listening to the Surf Roots Radio App when the song “Feeling Irie” by Ease Up came on.  Will it make you pause? You should absolutely find out. 

Listen to “Feeling Irie” here >>

And download the Surf Roots Radio App here >> 

Ease Up hails from Los Angeles CA. and is made up of Rico Estrada, Darryl Brown, Nate Ledgerwood, Peter Eichar. For those wondering they sound like Sublime, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, The Expendables, Slightly Stoopid and Rebelution. So if you are fans of any of those bands – I certainly am – then give “Ease Up” a listen. I downloaded the entire EP, its $4.99! That’s great value. Rummage through your couch cushions, check underneath you car seats and buy this EP! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

“On the Fly” doesn’t waste any time getting you moving with the song “With You.” Take your right arm, put it in the air at a 45-degree angle and just let it bounce. Get used to that feeling, you’ll be doing it a lot while listening to “On the Fly.”

“Let your head rest up upon my chest and you listen to my heartbeat”

Track two is “Feeling Irie.” This was the song that got me into “Ease Up.” I’m a longtime Sublime fan and this song reminded of how I felt listening to “40oz to Freedom” back in the day. Its extremely catchy, and one of my favorites on the EP.

“I’m Feeling Irie so don’t you bring me down” 

“Blowing Up my Phone” is track #3. It has a really great ska vibe to it. Its true, I’ve been caught singing at more than a few stoplights because of this song. Rolls car window up, turns volume up. 

“Why you blowing up my phone, its 6am and I’ve been sleeping all alone” 

“Ease Up” slows things down for a moment with track #4, “Another Time.” It’s a mellow song with great lyrics and a strong finish. I love listening to this song with my best friend Emily, read into that anyway you like.

“In another time, or in a different place if would be much easier for you, easier for me”

The last two tracks are “Cali-X” and “Til the End.” I’ll leave those two for you to judge on your own. I think its clear by now that I’m a fan front to back of the entire EP at this point.

If you want to stay on top of “Easy Up” news follow them @EaseUpMusic They’ve been working on a full-length album and have already posted a few news songs. 

You can also listen to new songs and keep track of tour dates here >>

So here’s what I’m hoping. I hope “Ease Up” never eases up in their pursuit to keep putting out quality music. I have no reason to believe they will, so far its all gold. 




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